Failure To Stop

123. OFF THE CUFF: Brian Laundrie’s Cowardly Confession

June 27, 2022

In today’s Off the Cuff episode of the Failure to Stop podcast, Mike the Cop and Dave discuss current law enforcement related news including:

(05:36) Cop uses BJJ to break someone's arm

(13:09) Brian Laundrie's Confession released by FBI

(22:53) Louisiana Rape Victim has to pay child support?
(33:40) AOC and others call SCOTUS illegitimate
(55:03) Man Calls Seattle PD while being chased by Seattle PD
(01:03:14) Lightfoot says Cops get plenty of time off
Mike may or may not have a complete meltdown over how stupid people can be about legal knowledge and how hypocritical politicians are and Dave finally falls in line and actually sticks to law enforcement news. 

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